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  • Accessory Display Set

    Add interest and realism to your display or diorama with Calnaga Display Accessories. These items are commonly found in the garage, pit area, or campsite. Put them in the back of your truck or van for a realistic load. The set includes one of each: Sleeping Bag, Bed Roll, Large Gear Bag, Small Gear Bag, and Fuel Jug 10 gallon (1:25 scale). (Parts shown include a paint and detail suggestion only. Your parts are delivered in plain white resin.)

  • Antenna, XM Radio

    This is a cool little detail part for your late model subjects and a modernizing touch for resto-mod style street machines and street rods. Supplied in white resin.

  • Fuel Jug, 5 Gallon, 1:25 Scale

    This is how racers and off-roaders carry their fuel these days, not in one of those old round steel cans. This fuel jug was carefully scaled from dimensions of one of the most popular plastic utility jugs. It has handle detail and a cap with rib and hex detail. 0.875" tall by 0.365" square. Not legal for transport of scale fuel in the State of California. (Detail suggestion shown. Part is delivered in plain white resin)

  • Gear Bag Set

    Where is a racer going to put his helmet, gloves, suit and other gear after the races? Back in the gear bag of course! You get a large gear bag (1.1" long) and a medium gear bag (0.9" long).

  • Sleeping Bag

    The sleeping bag has realistic folds and creases where tie cords can lie. Approximate dimensions 0.60" diameter by 0.70" length. (Detail suggestion shown. Part is delivered in plain white resin)

  • Traffic Control All Piece Set

    Calnaga brings you a set of traffic control devices, including a drum, two cones and barricade light. They were scaled from the real things being used for road construction near the Calnaga shop, and they have been checked against the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) standards. They will add interest and realism to your display. They are supplied in white resin and are fun to paint. See Steve's recommendations in the following descriptions.

  • Traffic Control Barrel, Pair

    Uh-Oh, better slow down for the orange barrels. Calnaga's drum type channelizer is accurately scaled to 1:25 for a 36" height and 18" diameter at the top. It includes handle detail and a separately molded truck tire sidewall base. Detail them to look brand new right off the truck, mildly weathered, or totally wasted! You get a pair of two barrels, including reflective stripe material. Painting suggestion shown, parts are supplied in white resin.

  • Traffic Control Barricade Light

    Standard barricade lights have a 7" diameter lens and Calnaga's scales out just right for 1:25. You can add these to your own wood barriers or mount them on the Traffic Control Barrel. The lens looks good with Testor's Turn Signal Amber over a Bare Metal Foil base. The battery box is usually yellow, but sometimes found in other colors such as blue, green, or black.

  • Traffic Control Cone, Striped, Pair

    The standard 28" cone with standard 6" and 4" stripes defined by a very fine groove molded into the cone. This makes it easy to mask or brush paint around the stripes and get every one the same! You get a pair of cones, supplied in white resin.


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