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    4x4 and Powertrain
  • 4x4 Front Axle Kit

    You'll have tremendous design flexibility with Calnaga's 4x4 Axle Kit. You get accurate axle ends, radius rods, Dana 44 differential, and an ample length of axle tube. Locate the differential left, right, or wherever you need it! Adjust the wheelbase, radius rod width, and pinion angle to suit your project. Have fun scratch-building, not head-scratching.

  • 4x4 Radius Rods (Set of 2)

    The design of these radius rods is loosely based on a full scale Ford Econoline 4x4 conversion known as a Quadravan. They are drilled to accept 0.125 tube or rod, so you can combine them with our 4x4 Front Axle Ends and the Dana 44 Differential to make a super-detailed front axle that fits your 4x4 just right.. They have a coil spring mounting pad and bolt head detail.

  • Dana 44 Differential with axle housing

    This is the famous Dana 44 differential in 1:25th scale. It's found on all makes and models of 4x4's in the front and rear. It's also a popular differential for drag cars, especially Mopars! It features drain plug detail, a cast finish, a 0.125" axle hole, and an ample length of brass tubing for the axle housing.

  • Differential, Ramchargers Magnesium Dana 60

    The Ramchargers team made up these Dana 60-based differentials in magnesium. The strong and lightweight dif.s were used on funny cars and pro-stockers. They have axle mounting flanges and stout bracing. Calnaga's version has excellent bolt detail and a 0.156" through hole diameter.

  • Quick Change Rear End, Halibrand

    Quick! What kit did we get the master for this nice Halibrand rear end from? Not going to say, but it's old enough that drag cars were actually using these at the time it was issued. Nice casting ribs, bolt detail, pilot holes and bosses. This is the one you want for vintage dragsters, dirt trackers or lakesters.

  • Transfer Case, Borg Warner

    This is a generalized Borg-Warner style transfer case that is appropriate for later model OEM 4x4's and it is used in custom 4x4 builds. It is easy to adapt to GM projects that have the front drive shaft on the right side of the engine.

  • Transfer Case, New Process 205

    This transfer case mounts behind your transmission to transmit power to the front axle. The NP205 was a common original equipment transfer case into the 80's for all the Big Three manufacturers. It's still popular today for it's simplicity and toughness. This version is for Fords that locate the driveshaft to the left of the engine.


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