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  • Engine Block, Ford 427 Side Oiler

    The famous Ford 427 is faithfully replicated here with oil galley casting detail identifying this engine as a "side oiler." It also has bolt head detail for the cross-bolted main bearing caps and screw in freeze plugs. Engine mount bosses and starter motor support flange top off this excellent Ford 427 block.

  • Engine Conversion Kit, Ford 427 SOHC

    Ford developed the 427 SOHC (Single Over-Head Cam) motor to go after the Chrysler Hemi in NASCAR racing. Unfortunately, NASCAR banned the motor before it ever got to duke it out on the high banks. However, the SOHC did find success as a drag race engine for a brief period in the mid to late 60's. This kit includes the front cover, cylinder heads, and valve covers you need to convert a Ford 427 into the famous mill. We highly recommend Calnaga's 427 Ford Side Oiler block or engine kit to build the ultimate replica.

  • Engine Kit, Ford 427 Side Oiler

    This kit includes the side oiler block, a finned deep sump oil pan, Hilborn blower scoop and two intake manifolds (dual quads and blower). Combine this kit with the 427 SOHC conversion kit to make a beautiful replica of the classic drag engine. Sample shown has Calnaga's SOHC Conversion, GMC 6-71 blower and Vintage Rail Clutch Can & Reverser.

  • Engine Kit, Ford 429 Cobra Jet with Top Loader Transmission

    The 429 Cobra Jet is hard to find in 1:25 scale kits, and the best is from the Revell 1969 Torino Cobra. We took that engine and added plenty of features for realism and buildability. The 429 is in the 385 series engine family which includes the 460 so there are plenty of truck and passenger car applications for this one. Features: Block, heads, and transmission are molded in one piece with mold lines and seams removed. Single 4 barrel intake manifold, engine mount detail, oil pan drain plug, spark plug pilot holes.

  • Street Engine Detail Set

    These are the parts you need to complete that engine out of your stash of spares and aftermarket stuff. Or use these to upgrade your kit engine with separate details. Essential functional accessories are the alternator, fuel pump, starter, oil filter, distributor cap, a Holley carb, and an air cleaner. Check our Valve Cover category for your application.


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