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  • Tire Machining Service

    Calnaga offers you the option of having your resin tires machined to a specific inner diameter (ID) of your specification, within the material limits of the tire castings. Let us know your requested tire inner diameter based on the diameter of the wheels you plan to use and we will turn the ID of the tires to match within +/- 0.005" of your specification. Service charge covers machining for two tires. Available for 1:12 and 1:25 scale dirt bike or car tires. Include your tire inner diameter specification in the comments section of your order.

  • Tire Pair, Modern Top Fuel and Funny Car Slick

    Calnaga's Tire Pair, Modern Top Fuel and Funny Car capture the look of the massive 36" diameter slicks used on modern pro drag cars with a nicely crowned tread and bulging sidewalls. Tread width is 17" in scale and they fit a 16" wheel. Calnaga's big slicks were engineered to fit on early and late Revell funny car and rear engine dragster wheels. They will also fit on Monogram Pro-Stock wheels.

  • Tire Pair, 11.75" Drag Slick, M&H

    These drag slicks are reproductions of a hard to find vintage kit part. We added value by removing the mold seam and added a realistic sanded tread finish. These are the right tires for that front engine dragster replica.

  • Tire Pair, 11.75" Drag Slick, wrinkle wall

    A modification of the M&H drag slick. The thin raised whitewall line has been maintained, even through the wrinkled section. Unlike some kit wrinkle walls, these have the folds in the correct direction on both sides of the tire, so they will look good on both sides of the car.

  • Tire Pair, 16" Drag Slick, Goodyear

    Calnaga's 16 inch drag slick features a correct scale 16 inch width and realistic bulging sidewall and tire surface contours. No halves to glue together and no mold seams to sand down or fill. The wheel opening will fit 15 inch wheels like those in the Young American. They can easily be sanded larger with Calnaga's exclusive wheel mounting surface ribs to fit 16" wheels, such as Revell's Cragar Super Trick wheels. These are the perfect tires for your Revell 70's funny car. Actual size: ID: 0.630"/0.660", OD: 1.300", tread width:0.640". Molded in white resin.

  • Tire Pair, 16" Drag Slick, M&H

    This is the perfect tire for dragsters or funny cars from the end of the front engine era and through the 70's. Check your references and you'll see that the top classes from this era used fat 16 inch slicks, not the 12" or even 14" slicks offered in most kits. Calnaga's 16" M&H Racemaster has no seams to sand and realistic crowned tread surface with a rough finish that replicates a tire with a few burnouts on it. Actual size: ID: 0.630", OD: 1.290", tread width:0.640". Molded in white resin.

  • Tire Pair, 16" Drag Slick, wrinkle wall

    This 16" wrinkle wall drag slick is great for Funny Cars and Top Fuel cars from the 70's. The wrinkles face only one direction on both sides of the tire, so you can use them on both sides of the the car with a realistic wrinkle. They have smooth sidewalls and no lettering. We mold them in black resin.

  • Tire Pair, Funny Car Front

    Modeled after the iconic Goodyear Frontrunner in the correct 24x5-15 size used on funny cars from the 70's to present day. They have four accurate zig-zag grooves and nice bulging sidewalls so they look mounted and inflated on the wheel. They were carefully engineered to fit wheels from early and late Revell funny cars, Polar Lights and Jo-Han funny cars, and Monogram pro-stockers.

  • Tire Set, Pro-Stock, Firestone Drag 500

    These are the Firestone Drag 500's found in the Jo-Han Sox and Martin Pro-Stock Barracuda, but they have been assembled, filled, and sanded to save you a ton of work. Getting your tires in white resin allows you to sand off the black paint to get near-perfect sidewall lettering. No decal film to hide or clear coating is needed, no fussy hand-painting or stencils to deal with. This is the way to go, and it gets you away from those same old Goodyear slicks to add some real technical interest to your drag subject. Actual size: Rear: outer diameter; 1.130", inner diameter; 0.610", tread width; 0.480" (12" in 1:25 scale) Front: outer diameter; 1.075", inner diameter; 0.610", tread width; 0.240"


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