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    Valve Covers
  • Valve Cover Pair, 428 Cobra Jet

    Factory stock valve covers for the FE-Series Ford 428 Cobra Jet engine. A matched pair of left and right sides, the right one has a provision for oil filler cap. A set of these found their way onto Steve's GSL XXIII Class-winning Top Cat Cougar drag stocker.

  • Valve Cover Pair, Early Corvette

    Early Corvette Small Block Chevy valve covers are distinguished by the staggered bolt pattern. Add authenticity to your early Corvette, race car or hot rod subject.

  • Valve Cover Pair, Edelbrock, Small Block Chevy

    Edelbrock expanded their product line from intake manifolds and cast parts to a full line of high performance parts in the 80's, including these chromed stamped steel valve covers with the Edelbrock script boldly displayed. Steve had a set on the built 350 he had in his '72 Malibu along with an Edelbrock Performer cam and manifold.

  • Valve Cover Pair, Ford 427 SOHC

    Calnaga's SOHC valve covers have the correct spark plug locations, and you won't find that in most kit versions. We added pilot holes to drill for spark plug wires, and the delicate gasket flange has been cleaned up. SOHC valve covers are seen in many different finishes from rough cast aluminum to a bright polish and are often painted between the ribs with a coordinating color.

  • Valve Cover Pair, Ford 429 CJ

    These are the stock valve covers for the Ford 429 Cobra Jet. Nice rib and mounting bolt detail. These look right when painted with Model Master Stainless Steel metalizer.

  • Valve Cover Pair, Ford Boss 429

    There are quite a few Boss 429 engines out there in kit form, but we liked these valve covers for the plug detail and the molded in Boss 429 nameplate. Testors Model Master metalizer stainless steel or titanium makes a convincing finish.

  • Valve Cover Pair, Mickey Thompson, Big Block Chevy

    These valve covers have clear M/T markings and fins. They are convincing for Big Block Chevy applications, and you may find other uses as they do not have bolt pattern detail that would limit them to the Chevy 396, 427, and 454. They are appropriate for street machines, drag cars, hot boats, and even a few big block NASCAR stockers ran with them.

  • Valve Cover Pair, Mickey Thompson, Small Block Chevy

    Nothing says vintage hot rod like M/T! This is where it all started for Calnaga Castings: Steve needed four of these for his Freight Train dragster. The aftermarket parts didn't have the correct dimensions, so this part was made from a modified kit part. We've checked this part against an actual M/T valve cover, and it's to scale within ten one-thousandths of an inch. Put a set on your vintage dragster, street machine, or rat rod. We like them painted with Alclad Polished Aluminum. Our friend Tim would fill in the ribs with contrasting color for sure!

  • Valve Cover Pair, Mickey Thompson, Small Block Ford

    Now you can have the classic M/T look on a small block Ford. These finely cast valve covers are correct for 289 and 302 Ford engines.

  • Valve Cover Pair, Modern Fuel Hemi, Single Plug

    These single spark plug, cast Hemi valve covers provide important technical accuracy for fuel engines from the mid 70's to 90's and for modern nostalgia racers. They provide an interesting technical look that is different from the chromed, stamped steel type of valve cover found in early funny car and dragster kits. Appropriate for replicas of fuel cars and contemporary nostalgia funny cars limited to a single magneto.

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