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    High Performance
  • Battery Box, Trunk Mount, Pair

    Properly executed trunk-mount battery applications use a marine battery box like this to collect fumes and vent them outside the interior. These are commonly seen on street machines, street rods and drag cars. Many drag cars have two of these for extra weight at the rear. The universal battery box includes several locations to locate the ground and "B+" wires.

  • Battery Set

    The problem with kit batteries is that they are injection molded, so they have that unrealistic taper called draft angle. Usually, they are hollow and don't even have six sides! These batteries are square, complete, and have detail that isn't possible with the injection molding process. Check the top post detail and side terminals. Four different batteries are included in the set: Universal maintenance-free battery, universal heavy duty battery, Autolite Sta-ful, and a small car battery for OEM compacts and tuners.

  • Battery, Spiral Cel, Group 34/78, pair

    Optima spiral cel AGM batteries are the hot setup these days. This battery has label detail and accurate dimensions for the Group 34/78 size. The terminals will fit through common photo-etch battery cable clamps. Paint with a red top for hard starting drag race applications, and yellow top for race cars or street machines. Blue is for marine applications.

  • Blower Manifold, Small Block Chevy

    This blower manifold has all the correct runner detail and gusseting. A lot more realistic than the typical trapezoid shaped piece of styrene you get in a kit. An excellent choice for diorama detail or if your engine is displayed with the valve covers off.

  • Blower Scoop Set

    Three decades of blower induction in one convenient set. Hilborn 4 port scoop, Hilborn butterfly scoop, Enderle bug catcher -70's, Crower 8 port injector, and Enderle scoop, 80's style. And if that's not enough, you get a Hilborn 4 port injector with and without flange. The 4 port scoop fits the 4 port injector with flange perfectly. This is a fantastic deal, better than 60% savings over buying them. individually.

  • Blower Scoop, Crower 8-Port Injector

    The Crower 8-Port injector was introduced in 1968, but really gained prominence on Don Garlits' first rear-engine dragster in 1971. This injector was tricky to tune but found success with various teams along with Garlits including Don Prudhomme, Keeling and Clayton, "Jungle Jim" Liberman, Gordie Bonnin, and Gene Conway. It's a prominent detail you need to get right if building a replica. If you are doing a ficticious drag subject from the Seventies into the early Eighties, it will add some unique visual interest.

  • Blower Scoop, Enderle

    The blower scoop is clearly a focal point for dragsters, funny cars, and high end street machines. Put this accurately proportioned and highly realistic Enderle "Bug Catcher" injector where everyone will see it. The three ports have been enlarged to correct size and excellent butterfly and shaft detail is added. The correct mounting point for the fuel valve is included. Fits great on Calnaga's GMC 6-71 blower.

  • Blower Scoop, Enderle, 80's style

    As top fuel engines made more and more power, the injector needed to flow more air and fuel. Enderle increased the size and slightly altered the shape of their popular hat. We filled it and smoothed it and added an injector plate with pilot holes for fuel lines cast in. A fuel block is molded on the back for your convenience. Appropriate for blown engines from the late 70's to mid 90's.

  • Blower Scoop, Hilborn

    The Hilborn blower scoop is distinguished by 4 butterflies and fin detail. Our replica even has "HILBORN" cast in at the rear on both sides. This is an excellent scoop for mid-sixties fuel engines and gassers.

  • Blower Scoop, Hilborn 4-Port

    This scoop is typically found on the Hilborn 4-Port Injector with Flange. Some versions were used on dual quad carb setups. Nice rib detail on top. No seams to sand off.

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